AIM Services

Aeropath has deep experience in all aspects of Aeronautical Information Management (AIM).

AIP Production

Aeropath currently manages the end-to-end production of the AIP for New Zealand and a number of Pacific States.  Managing ICAO standards, the demands of originators as well as state based differences can be challenging and quality assurance and accuracy is essential.  Aeropath has the tools, expertise and experience to make this seamless.

Aeronautical Charting

Visual Navigation, Instrument Navigation, Aerodrome Surveys, Digital Terrain.  From the upper airspace to the runway threshold Aeropath has the experience and knowledge to chart it all.  innovators in the fields of Aeronautical GIS charting, Aeropath is developing next generation charting solutions to enable aviation charts to become more dynamic, tailor made to specific uses and fit for purpose whether used on paper, desktop, tablet or cockpit FMS.

Aeronautical Data

With expertise honed on the European EAD, Aeropath has world class expertise in the specialised fields of aeronautical data and database systems.  Data is at the core of what we do and provides the substance from which all other AIM products are generated.  Innovators in this field Aeropath has developed a cost effective, world-class data platform enabling ANSPs to manage their aero data without the high costs and complexities involved in procuring traditional systems.  For more information see Mōhio.

In partnership with Altova

Aeropath is certified under the New Zealand Civil Aviation Part 175 to provide the AIM service for New Zealand.