Mōhio: (verb) to know, understand, realise, comprehend, recognise.

Awesome Aero Data Visualisation and Charting

Mōhio is the most flexible and cost-effective aeronautical visualisation and charting solution on the market today.
Remove the hardship and develop awesome charts with Mōhio.

Fantastic Capabilities

Have Data?  Build Charts

Create dynamic aeronautical charts that reflect the latest country information in a style and format that suits your needs with a system that enables quick modification and adaption to meet demanding AIRAC cycles.

Chart Visual Navigation

Develop Visual Navigation charts to meet ICAO standards and customise to your own specification.

Colour Terrain Charts

Mōhio allows you to chart colour terrain to provide a better situational awareness for users flying IFR through terrain.

AIP Plate

Develop aerodrome plates and visual and instrument charts for inclusion in your AIP.

Great Support – Globally

Access support when you need it. Extensive online training combined with Aeropath experts online ensures your team is getting the most out of your charting operation quickly and without hassle.

3D Charts – Want to fly around your chart?

Mohio allows you to output 3D visualisations allowing you to zoom and fly around a 3D airspace, procedures, obstacles and terrain.


Mōhio has an innovative roadmap that will introduce a host of new features and automation. Mōhio Basic will provide the capability to meet the ICAO Annex 15 requirements. Subsequent versions will enable greater customisation and efficiencies.