Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Performance-based Navigation ( PBN) is helping the global aviation community reduce aviation congestion, conserve fuel, protect the environment, reduce the impact of aircraft noise and maintain reliable, all-weather operations, even at the most challenging airports. It provides operators with greater flexibility and better operating returns while increasing the safety of regional and national airspace systems.

Aeropath has the largest commercial procedure design organisation in Asia-Pacific and decades of design experience throughout the region and provides the most current and up to date guidance and assistance for the advancement of PBN.  Aeropath provides customized training and mentoring across the region.

Proven leaders in PBN implementation, Aeropath’s experts cover the broad subject areas including:

  • PBN Concept of Operations (What is PBN, Advantages, Prioritisation, Definitions, Navigation Specifications, PBN Stage Selection)
  • PBN Consultation (Stakeholders, Local Issues, Flow Management, Communication, VFR Integration, Noise/Environmental Considerations, Scoping, Airline Perspective)
  • PBN Design (Nav Specs and Separations, PBN Procedure Development, SID/STAR Development, Lateral Separations, Concept Design, Performance Benchmarking, Scoping)
  • PBN Implementation (Stakeholders, Regulatory Issues, Training, PBN SID/STAR Concept, Lateral Separations, Follow Up, Airspace, Documentation, Maintenance, Key Lessons)