Software and Training

PHX, the procedure design software package developed by Aeronautical Services And Procedures (ASAP), was released on the open market in February 2003, and is being successfully used by over 27 organisations worldwide, including multiple ANSPs and Regulatory organisations. Unlike other procedure design applications, PHX is not an “automated” procedure design application but is instead a “tool-based” software package, intended to assist professional procedure designers in the development, design, and validation of instrument flight procedures.

Aeropath’s procedure design team has been a primary user of PHX since adopting it in 2005. Based on the extensive experience gained in using the PHX toolset for over 12 years, Aeropath has recently been recognised by ASAP as an authorised reseller of PHX throughout the Asia-Pacific region and is a recommended provider of PHX training courses. Please refer to our “PHX Procedure Design Application Training” module on the following page for details of our PHX training syllabus.

Both new and experienced procedure designers will agree that a “tool-based” procedure design software package has many advantages over an “automatic” system.

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Module P | PHX Procedure Design Application Training

The classroom-based training course will cover a PHXfundamentals programme which can include the tools required
by your organisation from the syllabus below; this syllabus is proven to establish the necessary familiarity with the functionality of the PHX procedure design software, leading to proficiency with ongoing use of the application in day to day design tasks. It is combined with selected modules covering ground validation processes, which ensure the PHX reporting tools can be used to their full advantage in your design and review processes.

Prerequisites: Prior working knowledge of AutoCAD
Duration: 2 weeks


PHX User Interface and Set-up
  • Settings Dialog Box
  • Construction Layer
  • Common User Interface Elements
  • Status Bar
  • Input Units
Import and export of data, insert maps and digitise map data
  • Data Import
  • Polyline to 3D Circles
  • Data Search and Change
  • Polyline Weeding
  • Scanned Maps
  • External Reference Manager
  • 3D Obstacles Digitising from Map
  • Database Export
  • Contours Altitude Adjustment
  • Mountainous Terrain Analyser
Departure and Missed approach
  • Departure Average Flight Path
  • Construction
  • Standard Departure
  • Omnidirectional Departure Obstacle
  • Analyser
  • Initial Missed Approach Obstacle
  • Analyser
  • Turn Area Obstacle Analyser
ILS category tools
  • ILS Basic Surface Construction
  • ILS Obstacle Assessment Surface
  • Construction
  • Nominal approach altitudes
RNAV Tools
  • Minimum Stabilisation Distance
  • Construction
  • RNAV Departure
  • RNAV Protection Area VOR/DME
  • RNAV Holding
  • RNAV Protection Area VOR/DME
  • RNP Holding
  • RNP AR Obstacle Analyser
  • DME Update Area
  • Visual Segment for PinS Approaches
  • Lateral RNP Separation Area
  • Construction
  • RNAV (GNSS En-route/STAR) Straight
  • Segment Analyser
  • RNAV (GNSS En-route/STAR) Turn
  • Segment Analyser
PHX quality assurance system and position tools
  • Quality Assurance Assistant (QA)
  • Symbol insertion
  • Basic Calculation and Conversions
  • Layer Copy
  • Theoretical Magnetic Variation
  • Determination
  • Multi scale
  • Determine Bearing and Distance
  • Multi Width
  • Determine Position
  • Multi Rotate
Calculation of obstacles/terrain and construction of protection areas
  • Nominal Turn Construction
  • Turn Protection Area Construction
  • Radial Tolerance Construction
  • Profile Manager
  • Secondary MOC Calculation
  • Visual Surfaces
  • True Airspeed Calculation
  • 15% Area Analyser
  • DME Tolerance Slant Range
Enroute, Circling, Holding and MSA
  • Overhead Tolerance Construction
  • Enroute Turn Overhead a Facility
  • Holding Pattern templates
  • Approach Alignment
  • VOR/DME Holding
  • Visual Circling
  • Overhead Holding
  • Minimum Sector Altitudes (MSA)
GNSS and Procedure Coding
  • Basic GNSS Approach Obstacle Analyser
  • Procedure Summary
  • Temperature Correction Calculation
  • Database Coding (Path Terminators)
  • APV / VNAV Surface- Procedure
  • Procedure Export
  • Terminal Arrival Altitude (TAA)
Annex 14 Surfaces and Shielding determination
  • Aerodrome Surface Analyser